History of Kimchi


Origin of Kimchi

For as long as humans have been cultivating, they enjoyed nutritional elements of vegetables. This was not exceptional during cold winter months, when cultivation was practically over and they had to depend on foods they store. This leads to the development of a storage method known as 'pickling'. Rich in vitamins and minerals, kimchi was conceived in Korea around the 7th century and has developed since then as the most important core menu on their dining table.

Modern Kimchi

Kimchi has been scientifically proven to be high in nutrition and is often recommended as a valuable food source both at home and abroad. In fact, there has been a significant increase in kimchi exports in recent years. Korean immigrants to China, Russia, Hawaii and Japan first introduced kimchi abroad, and have continued to eat kimchi as a side dish. It gradually gained popularity even among foreigners. Accordingly, kimchi may be found wherever Koreans live. In America and Japan especially, where relatively many Koreans live, packaged kimchi is easily available. In the past, the production and consumption of kimchi was confined to Korean societies, however, in recent years it has become a globally recognized food.

                                                                                                                                - Korea Tourism Organization

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