How to make Kimchi

The main processes

  • Preparation, material (Napa cabbages, Radishes and etc.) sorting and washing materials (재료준비)
  • Napa cabbage cutting (배추썰기)
  • Pickling (Napa cabbages salted in water) (절임)
  • Desalinization & washing the cabbages (탈염 및 세척)
  • Dehydration (탈수)
  • Stuffing (속넣기)
  • Packaging

Additional processes for Sauce (marinade) mix making (속 만들기)

  • Radish cutting (무채썰기)
  • Rice powder sauce base making (풀쑤기)
  • Materials (Onion, pear, garlic, ginger and more) mincing (양념분쇄)
  • Mixing with more materials (salted fish sauce, salted shrimp sauce and etc.)(버무리기)


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