What we do

what we-doThe Owl's Kimchi Korea makes the finest Kimchi with its own brand, Kimchi Hang-a-ri. Kimchi Hang-a-ri makes 10 different Kimchi kinds every day and several seasonal and occasional specialty kinds for customers. Kimchi Hang-a-ri only uses the best ingredients and food materials for its finest Kimchi. Kimchi Hang-a-ri is enjoyed by being delivered to consumers, through many participating restaurants, and by picking up from shelves of Korean, Chinese and many other grocery outlets in the future.

Here is the process of what we do.

- Kimchi Development

- Kimchi making in a highly regulated manufacturing system

- Kimchi packaging

- Kimchi retail 

- Kimchi wholesale / supply 

- Kimchi education (TBA)


Our Kimchi facility is located in the centre of Mississauga Ontario known as part of multicultural society in Canada. In the facility, we research, make, package and sell Kimchi by our proud semi-automated Kimchi processing system. The facility also holds most advanced temperature control through which proper Kimchi fermentation (a determinant factor for the taste of Kimchi) is being made. From sorting to packaging, The Owl's Kimchi Korea manages the most clean and best condition for Kimchi making.

The Owl's Kimchi Korea deals with multiple Kimchi kinds and boasts its superior taste.


Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 9 am - 6 pm


Delivery Available. Please call for information.