Why Kimchi Hang-a-ri?

Originally from Korea, Kimchi is becoming a globally recognized food with a lot of nutritional health ingredients and remedies.(It is one of the world's "super foods") Hang-a-ri is a Korean pottery storage system for multiple uses. It may look coarsely shaped and made but wisely developed in different sizes. In it, freshly mixed Kimchi is being kept and stored outdoor. For the long history of Korea, Hang-a-ri was part of crucial food keeping system.

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As a Korean myself, I know Hang-a-ri represents love of our mothers for all of us in our family. Our Korean mothers made Kimchi with love and dearly kept it in Hang-a-ri, wishing it to be properly fermented. Their love ripens in the Hang-a-ri until it is being served. Our brand Kimchi Hang-a-ri resembles the love of our mothers. We make not only best Kimchi but our mother's love of Kimchi.


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